Lesbian Wet Panties HD Jenna Sativa and Lexi Belle

Have you ever sniffed a pair of lesbian wet panties?  I can assure you that smelling a pair of cotton white lesbian knickers is like smelling pure sex.

Jenna isn’t very experienced when it comes to guys. Luckily she’s BFFs with Lexi, who is more than happy to help her practice kissing.

After some soft kisses Lexi wants to teach Jenna more, but Jenna isn’t sure – doesn’t this make her a lesbian?

Lexi convinces Jenna it’s okay as long as they keep their panties on. These two cuties scissor until their panties are soaking wet.

It’s not long until Lexi peels Jenna’s panties off for the real deal.

Wet Panties Scissoring starringJenna Sativa and Lexi Belle was realease by Brazzers for Hot and Mean in January 2016

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