Ninas Chapel of Lust Part 2 HD

Nina Hartley returns for Ninas Chapel of Lust Part 2.  This time she is joined by Jillian Janson and Alex Legend.  It was released on November 18th, 2018.

If you enjoyed Ninas Chapel of Lust part one, then you are going to freak out for part 2.  This time it’s a threesome in her chapel of lust.

Jillian Janson and Alex Legend both join Nina in a hot threesome just minutes before their wedding.  Jillian and Alex agree to have sex with Nina to confirm their love for each other.

Here’s the full Ninas Chapel of Lust part 2 description

In part 2 of Nina’s Chapel of Lust, our favorite mature Milf is at it again. But this time she’s found a willing participant in bride-to-be Jillian Janson.

As Nina helps Jillian lace up her wedding dress, she can’t resist the urge to take a trip downstairs and lick her pussy. Sneaking in a last taste before she marries Jillian and her fiancé Alex Legend.

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Once at the alter, Nina finds herself craving Alex’s cock. Before Jillian walks down the aisle, she squeezes in a last minute blowjob.

Once she marries the newlyweds, it’s time for a honeymoon threesome, with Nina teaching the lovebirds a thing or two (or three) about sex!

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