Editing ManyVids and OnlyFans Videos

I have experience editing ManyVids and OnlyFans videos.  I have editing these types of videos for British big boobs pornstar Madison Stuart and Blissedxxx.

Editing ManyVids and OnlyFans Videos

was relatively new to the porn industry and she needed help editing her own content.  I edited two scenes for her.  The first with Australian male pornstar Sterling Cooper and the second with Pascal White.

I also edited numerous video for BlissXXX.  These scenes included British pornstars such as Classy Filth, Carly Rae and Cherry English.

I not only edit the main scene, but I also create a trailer and a tube preview version if you require that too.

I have over 7 years experience in editing porn videos.  At the moment I currently edit for top brand names such as Fake Taxi, Public Agent, Female Fake Taxi and Fake Driving School.

Feel free to contact me via or email me: [email protected]

Anissa Jolie Fake Driving School HD Edited by

Anissa Jolie Fake Driving School HD video edited by XXX Video Editor.  I remember when I first saw Anissa get in to the FDS car.  I thought OMG look at the size of those big tits!

I have to admit that I really do enjoy editing any porn scene when there is a big pair of tits.

Here’s what The Fake Driving Instructor had to say about Anissa Jolie.

Anissa Jolie had come from Hungary to the UK for school.  So she signed up for driving lessons with Fake Driving School so she could get a British license and drive to school. Anissa told me she was familiar with manual cars, but just needed to learn how to drive on the other side of the road.

In this Anissa Jolie Fake Driving School HD video I gave her a quick refresher course about the pedals, clutch, and steering wheel. Then Anissa got into the driver’s seat so she could attempt to drive ten feet. I had asked her multiple times if she knew how to drive manual, but she finally admitted she only drove automatic.

I was very frustrated and took her back to the testing center, where she asked me for more lessons. When I asked her how she would pay, she took out her big tits! As I felt her pierced nipples, she took down her pants and let me finger her. Horny, she gave me a blowjob, then rode my cock until I came on her pussy!

Fake Taxi Skylar McKay 2018 HD Squirting Video

Have a butchers at Fake Taxi Skylar McKay 2018 HD squirting video.  This is proper filthy porn!  The back seat of the infamous London taxi gets a hardcore soaking from Skylar’s juices. 

Here’s how the Fake Taxi driver described his ride with Skylar McKay

“Fuck me,” I said when Skyler Mckay got into the taxi, “what a lovely pair of fun bags you got there!” Skyler didn’t recognize me at first, and I noticed she had made a few enhancements too.

I had shaved my beard, it being summer and all, but when she realized she could ride my face again, Skyler asked me to pull over right away.

She squirted on my face and then I ate her out, then Skyler gave me one hell of a horny blowjob and rimjob. After a quick tit wank, I fucked Skyler silly in the backseat of the taxi.

In this Fake Taxi Skylar McKay she starts playing with her pussy, I then turned my attention to her arse. She had a banana she put up there, but I thought the Bishop might do her a lot more favors!

I fucked her arse hard, then she gave me more sloppy head before I came all over her face!

Pornstars Who Want a YouTube Channel

Are there any Pornstars who want a YouTube channel?  I’m sure there are plenty of pornstar no matter how popular they are who would like to have a YouTube channel.  But there are plenty of obstacles. 

Pornstars Who Want a YouTube Channel

First of all there are a minefield of restrictions put in place by YouTube.  The very mention of the work porn in the video title, description or tags, is enough for the video to be flagged and potentially removed.  If you have to many videos removed, then channel can be removed altogether.  This would be a pain in the ass after putting in a lot of word to create the channel in the first place.

But I believe that if you are clever enough to avoid being on YouTube’s radar, you can make a successful channel.  Whether or not your channel would be monetised in another matter altogether.  With YouTube getting criticised over the passed few years regarding advert on inappropriate videos, they are now restricting which channel get monetised.  First of all you have to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of  watch time over a 12 month period.

Even when you reach that criteria your channel is put under review.  If YouTube deem you channel to be unsuitable for ads, then you channel will not make money via ad revenue.

So why make a pornstar YouTube channel?

Well advertising revenue is not the only advantage of having a YouTube channel.  A successful YouTube channel is a good way of increasing your profile.  You can advertise your wishlists on Amazon, or even set up endorsements.  There are companies out there that would love you to mention their products on popular YouTube channels.

Most pornstars are all over social media.  So, are there pornstars who want a YouTube channel? Twitter, and Instagram are full of pornstar accounts.  I believe that YouTube is another platform for you to really get noticed and boost your profile.  A weekly vlog for your fans to enjoy is a great way to communicate wit them and show them your life behind the camera.

Who Will Edit Pornstar YouTube Videos?

I have plenty of experience editing porn video.  However I also have experience editing mainstream YouTube videos too.  I have editing YouTube videos for various popular YouTubers.  Some of the YouTubers I have edited for have millions of subscribers.  These videos were edited in a fast paced style, cutting out any ‘dead air’, to keep the viewer glued to the video and boosting the watch time to the maximum.

So why am I no longer editing for popular YouTube channels?

Well it’s simple…the company that I was working for had not paid me for 3 months.  Giving me all kinds of excuses as to why they can’t pay me.  So I am refusing to work for them until I can paid what I am owed.

The experience I gained from editing well-known YouTuber videos would really suit pornstar vlogs.  I have picked up some great hint’s and tip’s regarding editing and publishing great YouTube vlogs.  If you are confident in front of the camera, then you will have no problem in being a great YouTube vlogger.

If you are a pornstar that would like to have a YouTube channel but don’t have the knowledge OR time to edit your vlogs, then get in touch with me.  I would be delighted to discuss a pornstar channel with you.

Email : [email protected]
Twitter :

Of course…I am also available to edited your porn videos too 😉

Pornstars with YouTube Channels

Are there any pornstars with YouTube channels.  I thought I would look around YouTube and find out if there are any famous pornstars that survive on YouTube.

pornstars with youtube channels

I recently had my YouTube channel taken down by YouTube.  So I got thinking how other pornstars manage to keep their YouTube channels active.  Surely the snowflakes at YouTube would clamp down hard on anything remotely xxx related.

But it seems that  there are pornstars out there that are able to keep a YouTube channel alive even though they are parading around in very little clothing.  Sometime they are just modelling lingerie and skimpy underwear.

There is a lot of behind the scenes of porn shoot YouTube videos.  These are very popular.  Porn fans around the world are fascinated by how porn is put together. So behind the scene of porn sets get a lot of views.

Here is a list of pornstars with YouTube channels.

– 113K Subscribers
Bryci and JD are a happy crazy married couple vlogging there life, showing behind the scenes of working in the adult industry. They make fun youtube videos to make you laugh.

– 106K Subscribers
The Lena Star YouTube channel has plenty of behind the scenes videos.  She records her YouTube videos in a vlog style.  There is even some BTS footage from Brazzers porn shoots.

– 34K  Subscribers
Official YouTube channel of Abigail Mac. Follow her as she travels, eats delicious food, works out, and hangs out with some really cool people. You never know who she might run into or where she might be going.

– 587K Subscribers
This YouTube channel documents the life of ‘real life’ married pornstars Johnny and Kissa Sins.

So you can see just by this short list of pornstars with YouTube channel, that it is possible to keep a porn channel online.  I believe that pornstars no matter how popular they are can make a great YouTube channel.

If the pornstar is able to vlog everyday, and then have the YouTube video edited as a weekly YouTube vlog, I’m sure that there is extra income to be made.

My YouTube Channel Got Taken Down

My YouTube Channel Got Taken Down after receiving three violation strikes.  To be honest I was half expecting it.  I didn’t think that my content is what YouTube is really designed for.

My YouTube Channel Got Taken Down

Talking about pornography on YouTube was always going to be like walking a tight-rope.  I had to try really hard to avoid crossing the line of YouTubes terms and conditions.

But on 19th August 2018, one of my videos had been reported and reviewed and my YouTube channel got taken down.  I’m positive that there is no nudity, no nipples on show.  But there must of been something wrong with a video that was labelled by myself and ‘age-resticted’.

Even if my channel was never removed, and I gained the 4000 subscribers required to monetise the channel, I pretty sure they would not allow ads on the channel.  Even if I met all the other requirements needed to monetise the channel, it would still need to be reviewed.  It would of been at that stage when I would of been gutted to find that it would not be monetised.

So what now?  Do I set up a new channel and try even harder not to violate YouTubes rules?  Or do I just upload my porn vlogs to PornHub.  I will be able to say more or less what I want on PornHub.

I’ve uploaded all my old YouTube vlogs to my , just to see if they get any response.  I’m not expected them to be a success on PornHub.  People go to PornHub to see porn videos, not a vlogger.

Porn Video Editing Software Recommendations

Over the last 12 months or so, since my has gone through the roof, I often get asked what are my porn video editing software recommendations.

Porn Video Editing Software

I have editing porn videos since 2012, and mainly used two pieces of editing software.  Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.  Final Cut Pro is an Apple video editing package that is only available to use on an iMac or MacBook.  Premiere Pro is developed by software giants Adobe.

Find out more about XXX Video Editor

I first started video editing using Premiere.  This was in my early stages of learning how to edit.  I was using a shitty laptop and an even shittier low res monitor to cut my teeth in the world of video editing.  But, to be honest, this put me in good practice.  When I joined up with the guys at , I was given a 24 inch Mac and this made life so much easier.  So from going from a poor performance laptop to a brand new iMac was a dream.

Final Cut Pro

So Final Cut Pro…the only problem at that time was that it did not handle MP4 files.  I had to convert any MP4’s into MOV before I could start edit.  It was no big deal if I had a structure work flow.  I would simple schedule MP4 to MOV conversion to run over night, so in the morning I was ready to start editing straight away.

Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud

In 2017 I made the decision to start using Premiere Pro Creative Cloud.  This was a really good move.  Not only did I no longer need to convert to MP4, I felt that this piece of editing software was more stable and suited to my needs.  I much prefer using Premiere Pro as my software editing porn videos.  would be my porn video editing software recommendation.

I decided to pay for the yearly subscription (I don’t believe that Premiere Pro is available to purchase without downloading from Adobe).  You are also able to pay a monthly subscription too.  One good point to mention here is that, because you are now subscribe a a Adobe customer, you automatically receive any updates, fixes and bug report from Adobe.  So you are always sure to have the latest version available.

If you are looking for free porn videos editing software, then my advise would be not to bother.  If you are interested in creating quality porn videos, than you need to invest in quality editing software.  Free video editing software are free for a reason.

You can find out more about my porn editing career by visiting my

Catalia Valentine does Fake Taxi HD Video 2018

What did the Fake taxi driver say about his sexy encounter with the hot British pornstar Catalia Valentine?

When I saw that slut Catalia Valentine hailing the cab this afternoon, my dick started to tingle. She said she was headed to Big Dickins, and while she meant to say Deakins, she wasn’t actually that far off from the truth.

Catalia didn’t recognize me from six months prior because I had shaved my beard, but after I told her she looked familiar, she remembered my tongue deep in her pussy. I convinced her it would be more fun to fuck me than to get her hair done at Big Deakins, and the minute I came to the backseat she grabbed my cock.

Catalia wasted no time and started giving me a blowjob and my cock all over her big tits. I ate her out and made her cum with my fingers, then fucked her tight pussy hard all over the taxi. Finally, while fucking her doggystyle out the side of the door, I dropped a huge creampie inside of her. She’s probably still dripping it out to this day!

XXXVideoEditor Hot MILF of the Internet

Here is my forth episode on my .  In this latest episode I show a montage of hot milf on the internet.

MILF is one of the top keyword search when it come to porn on the internet, so I thought I would exploit that statistic to generate more YouTube subscribers.

I also do a short vlog introduction in my car, with my wife. Make sure you watch all the way to the end to see my wife’s great big boobs.

Brazzers Sexy Doctor Adventures Sahara Knite & Danny D

After video editing Sahara nite in a brilliantly funny FakeTaxi video, I was delighted to see that she is now also appearing in this new Brazzers video called Sexy Doctor Adventures

Dr. Sahara Knite has been having a hidden love affair for weeks with her co-worker, Danny D. But with his wife still in the picture, Sahara is giving him an ultimatum, and he’s giving her his dick!

Right there in the the emergency room, with their patient a foot away, Sahara drops to her knees and deepthroats that big dick she’s come to love. Ditching her lab coat to reveal a perky little set of tits, Sahara stretches her tight ass wide so that her wet pussy can swallow up every inch of cock he can give her!

This woman needs 50CC’s of cum stat and after pumping her for as long as he can stand to, Dr. Danny glazes this Harvard educated slut in a warm load!