Testing Her Concentration 3 HD Video

Testing Her Concentration 3 starring Abigail Mac and Scott Nails is the latest Brazzers Hd porn video. Released on 18th December, 2018 for Big Tits at Work.

When you really want to land that big job, des it help to be a beautiful babe?  The politically correct answer would be “of course not”.  But I think most people would secretly believe that there would be an advantage for good looking women.

So in this scene from Brazzers, this theory is put to the test.  Abigail is truly a stunning woman, so when she want’s to land the biggest job of her life, she pulls out all the stops. This includes dressing to impress, with her big tits half hanging out.  Scott Nails is the interviewer who cannot take his eyes of her tits.

His boner rose in his pants.  Miss Mac can see the signs that her plan is working.  She starts talking in sexual innuendos.  It’s too much for Scott.  He wants find out just how far she will go to get the job.

Here the full Testing Her Concentration 3 description

Abigail is nervous about her job interview and is willing to do anything to land the job. When her interviewer informs her that they will be testing her ability to concentrate during distracting situations, she accepts the challenge!

Little does she know that Scott Nails will be stuffing her mouth with his hard cock and juggling her titties as she answers questions. Never one to back down from a challenge, Abigail gives the performance of a lifetime – will she get the job?

Male Order Bride Ariella Ferrera HD MILF

Male Order Bride is a new HD MILF porn video starring Ariella Ferrera.  It was produced for MILFS Like it Big and released on 17th December, 2018.

If you like MILFS with big boobs, then you probably have you favourite.  But if you dig deep into your porn feelings, then you know that Ariella is still top of the tree.

Ariella returns for her 82nd Brazzers porn video. Her first appearance was way back in October 2009.  this time she is getting her pussy fucked by Jordi El Nino Polla.

Here’s the full Male Order Bride Description

Tired of blind dates, Ariella Ferrera swears off dating for good. All she wants is to settle down without the hassle of finding the one.

If only she could skip the small talk and go straight to marriage. Ariella smiles as she comes up with an idea. She can mail order a husband! Ariella goes online and picks out a young stud from Spain then settles back as she eagerly awaits her new man.

The doorbell rings and Ariella is surprised to see Jordi El Nino Polla instead of her perfect husband at the door. Upset over the mix-up, Ariella decides she mine as well take Jordi for a test ride before sending him back on his way. She is lonely after all and he did come all this way…

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Nicolette Saves The World Part 1

Nicolette Saves The World Part 1.  Brazzers have recruited Nicolette Shea to save to world.  This new Brazzers video is released on December 16th, 2018.

To many porn fans around the world, Nicolette Shea is the worlds number rated pornstar at the moment.  When she made the leap from a world famous Instagram babe to hardcore porn, it was a move that pleased many porn fans.

Since that time she has appeared in 42 Brazzers HD videos.  Each of of them have ben outstanding.  Her massive fake tits and striking blonde hair are just made for porn.  any people believe that if you could create a pornstar, she would look like Nicolette Shea.

Nicolette Saves The World Part 1 is a Brazzers lesbian porn video where Miss Shea has girl on girl sex with Daisy Marie.  Miss Marie is a brunette pornstar who is making her 2nd Brazzers appearance in the nearly 10 years.

Here’s the full Nicolette Saves The World description written by Brazzers.

The world has become a dangerous place and Nicolette is ready to save to the day! Where ever a problem rears its ugly head, Nicolette is there to squash it.

When Daisy Marie, a small time crook, breaks into a house to steal some dildo’s – Nicolette is called into action! She arrives to find Daisy testing the dildo’s in the bedroom. Now that she has the crook cornered she pounces on the pretty pussy, and prepares to arrest her.

Daisy isn’t going to make it easy and uses the dildo to fend off Nicolette. After some negotiation, Nicolette agrees to show Daisy how to properly use the dildos if she’ll come along quietly. But once the dildo enters Daisy’s juicy pussy, she can’t keep quiet!

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My First Porn Video Watched Online

I remember my first porn video that I watched online.  It was a Brazzers video starring Kagney Linn Karter.   Of course I’m old enough to remember waiting a few minutes to see a poor quality .jpg to load up of a pair of tits.  But I will always the holy grail of being able to watch a full length porn video.

I remember seeing the thumbnails of this Brazzers video called Food Fight. It was a Big Tits at School video.  The thumbnails of Kagney Linn Karter’s big tits in her bra and panties immediately grabbed my attention.  I watch the trailer.  I don’t think it was a HTML 5 trailer.  If my memory serves me correctly, I have a funny feeling that it was a Flash trailer.

The trailer had done a great job on my.  I fell in love with Miss Karter.  I clicked through to the Brazzers membership page and used my credit card online for the very first time.  opened my eyes to the sheer vast amount of pornstars that I love.  So many amazing women under one porn site.

I’ve realised that this post has turned into one big advert for Brazzers, but it is not my intention.  I just wanted to share with you my first experience watching a porn video.  I found it so much easier and rewarding to actually pay for porn instead of hunting for free stuff.

Knowing that I could have some of the best porn at my fingertips every day felt special.  No more worrying about getting a virus from downloading .zip files from dodgy web sites.

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Neighborly Love Motorbunny Edition HD

Neighborly Love Motorbunny Edition in HD from Brazzers.  This New XXX porn video released by Brazzers Exxtra is a hardcore group sex special.

These pornstars have all the fun.  Not only do they get to try out these great sex toys, they also get to perform on of the best foursome videos of the year.  Abella Danger, Brandi Love, Jessy Jones and Mick Blue appear in this latest Brazzers porn video.  All four of these top pornstars get to fuck each other.

They are new neighbors and they are eager to out do each other.  When the conversation turns to sex, Mick Blue shows off his sex toys.    Abella Danger cannot wait to try it out.  She has no problem riding a sex toy in front of the neighbors.

After everyone has watched Miss Danger have an orgasm right there in front of them, they all get really horny.  There is only going to be one outcome to the neighborly dinner party.  Pretty soon they were all naked and fucking each other.

Here’s the full Neighborly Love Motorbunny Edition description

Brandi Love and Mick Blue invite their new neighbors, the young couple Abella Danger and Jessy Jones, over for the dinner. Abella admires how close Brandi and Mick are and Mick explains that the secret to marriage is great sex.

Abella and Jessy are surprised and Mick brings the group to the bedroom to show off his Motorbunny collection. Mick shows off his collection by having Abella sit down on one to try it out. Abella is pleasantly surprised by the sensation.

Jealous that Abella is having all the fun, Brandi strips and sits down on the second Motorbunny while the guys wager on who will cum first!

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Preppies In Pantyhose Part 3 Brazzers HD

Preppies In Pantyhose Part 3 Brazzers HD porn video starring Bridgette B.  This anal sex porn video was released for Real Wife Stories on December 13th, 2018.

As a fan of big boobs, I’m delighted to see Bridgette B returning for her 84th Brazzers porn video.  The Spanish doll’s fantastic boobs are on full display as she gets fucked by Xander Corvus.

Bridgette looks amazing as her pantyhose get ripped open to expose her recently shave pussy.  There is not a single pubic hair on her vagina.

Watch her ass get fucked by Xander’s big fat cock.  Bridgette is a cheating wife that likes to have her ass fucked as much as possible.  Unfortunately for her, her husband is adamant that an ass is not for fucking.  He believes in vaginal sex only.

So when Bridgette gets the chance to be anally fucked by her personal trainer, she spares no thought for her husband.  She lays back and lets her ass get penetrated.

Here’s the full Preppies In Pantyhose Part 3 description

It’s another day in the Preppies neighborhood and the gossip is getting around. Sitting on a moral high horse is easy for this rich couple, but all it takes is a simple disagreement for it all to come crumbling down.

Bridgette is offended when her husband hires Xander, a personal trainer, to help tighten up her body. When her husband leaves them alone to go bird watching on the property, she decides to get even, by fucking Xanders huge cock!

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Mom is the Boss Reality Kings HD

Mom is the Boss is a threesome porn video from Reality Kings starring Kimmy Granger, Missy Martinez and Ze Bloom.  Released on December 5th, 2018.

Three of the hottest pornstars that you can think of all star in this new Reality Kings porn video called Mom is the boss.  Teen dream Zoe Bloom, famous pornstar Kimmy Granger and top rated MILF Missy Martinez entertain you.

This lesbian porn video is going to be one of those videos that you will never forget.  When someone asks you what was your favourite lesbian video of the year, you will think of Mom is the Boss.

Here’s the full Mom is the Boss description from Reality Kings

Brunette MILF Missy Martinez finds some mysterious charges on her credit card bill. She discovers that her stepdaughter, Kimmy Granger, has been watching porn on her dime!

When Kimmy gets home with her BFF Zoe Bloom. Missy calls the teens on the carpet. Declaring that if her stepdaughter likes watching lesbian porn so much she should learn how to munch some rug!

When Missy starts spanking both sassy teens, Zoe says this has nothing to do with her. But the more slutty Kimmy and nympho Missy get nasty, the more Zoe wants to join in. These three sluts eat each other’s pussies and make their own lesbian porno!

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Dickrupting Her Domestic Bliss HD Brazzers

Dickrupting Her Domestic Bliss is a new Brazzers porn video starring Ryan Keely and Robby Echo.  Released on December 12th, 2018 for MILFS Like it Big.

Ryan Keely is a MILF pornstar with a great pair of big boobs.  She is easily recognised by her trade mark very short blonde hair.  In this latest Brazzers video called Dickrupting Her Domestic Bliss she is a sexy stepmom.

Miss Keely is always trying to keep her house clean and tidy and be a good wife.  She has everything a wife would want in life.  The only thing she doesn’t get, is a good hard fuck.  Her MILF pussy craves sex all the time, but her loving husband just can’t satisfy her sexual needs.

Ryan’s stepson Robby Echo is a pain in the ass.  He is determined to mess her life up.  Every time she cleans and tidy’s up, he just makes it messy all over again.  So as soon as she finds him masturbating over her panties, it was time to put him straight.

Ryan Keely confronts him completely naked to try and catch him off guard.  But it backfires.  Robbie is delighted to finally see his step moms huge boobs.  He can’t take his eyes of them.  Could this be the chance for Miss Keely to finally get a good fuck?  But from her stepson?

Here’s the Full Dickrupting Her Domestic Bliss description

Ryan Keely is the perfect stepmom and homemaker, but her rambunctious stepson, Tyler Nixon, is intent on upsetting her domestic bliss.

As Ryan goes about her household tasks, Tyler follows her bouncing tits and juicy ass from room to room, immediately undoing all her hard work.

After nearly getting caught during a final act of rebellion, a hidden Tyler is able to get a fresh look at Ryan – and her massive tits – which casts her in an entirely new, fuckable light.

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Fake Taxi Driver Fucking in a Spaceship

Fake Taxi Driver Fucking in a Spaceship features Skyler McKay and Ryan Ryder.  They are joined by the legendary Real Fake Taxi Driver in Spaceship!

Yes, FakeHub Originals are now appearing on the major tube sites.  I could not think of a better way to start promoting them than getting this video on my web site.

Fake Taxi Driver Fucking in a Spaceship

John the Fake Taxi driver finds himself in a galaxy far, far way.  But fear not my perverted friends, his cock is still in full working order.

Even 300 years in the future, John has pussy on the brain.  So you can imagine how delighted he was to find British blonde babe Skyler McKay onboard.

Fake Taxi Driver Fucking in a Spaceship Extended

Ryan Ryder is the Captain of the ship but he is more than happy to learn all about the Original FakeTaxi adventures.  John show Skyler and Ryan all their is to know about how to fuck in a SpaceTaxi.

Super MILF Brazzers Alexis Fawx

Is it a bird? is it a plane? No it’s Brazzers Super MILF Alexis Fawx.  This latest Brazzers video produced for MILFS Like it Big was released on December 10th, 2018.

Alexis Fawx has the Super MILF costume on and is out on the streets fighting crime.  Yes, Brazers have entered the world of super hero cosplay porn.  What a great choice of super hero they have choosen too.  Alexis look fantastic in her crime fighting outfit.  She’s ready to take on anybody who crosses her path.

Her white outfit, complete with a red flowing cap is so tight you can see her nipples poking out and her camel toe is on show.  When she spots two guy mugging Xander Corvus on the street, she springs into action and rescues him.  Standing in her hot red leather boots, she fights off two guys with ease.

Xander had never seen such a super hero in action. He asks her if he can repay her in any way.  There is only one way that Super MILF can be repaid, and that is by satisfying her super wet pussy.

It is one of the side effects that her super powers come with.  Her pussy is in constant need of big cock.  Super MILF Alexis Fawx, picks up Xander and flies him back to Xander’s house so her can fuck her with his big fat cock.

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