Anissa Jolie Fake Driving School HD Edited by

Anissa Jolie Fake Driving School HD video edited by XXX Video Editor.  I remember when I first saw Anissa get in to the FDS car.  I thought OMG look at the size of those big tits!

I have to admit that I really do enjoy editing any porn scene when there is a big pair of tits.

Here’s what The Fake Driving Instructor had to say about Anissa Jolie.

Anissa Jolie had come from Hungary to the UK for school.  So she signed up for driving lessons with Fake Driving School so she could get a British license and drive to school. Anissa told me she was familiar with manual cars, but just needed to learn how to drive on the other side of the road.

In this Anissa Jolie Fake Driving School HD video I gave her a quick refresher course about the pedals, clutch, and steering wheel. Then Anissa got into the driver’s seat so she could attempt to drive ten feet. I had asked her multiple times if she knew how to drive manual, but she finally admitted she only drove automatic.

I was very frustrated and took her back to the testing center, where she asked me for more lessons. When I asked her how she would pay, she took out her big tits! As I felt her pierced nipples, she took down her pants and let me finger her. Horny, she gave me a blowjob, then rode my cock until I came on her pussy!

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Editing Georgie Lyall in Fake Driving School Video

When a new passport drive arrives from the Fake Driving School content producers, it is always a please to see a folder that has the name Georgie Lyall next to it.  If I recall correctly, this is the 3rd Georgie Lyall video that I have edited this year.  Two for Fake Driving School and probably one for Fake Taxi.

One of the main reasons, speaking as a porn editor, that I like Georgie Lyall, is that she is very professional in her work.  I am confident that when I edit a Georgie Lyall video, she will barely break character, so complicated audio edits to correct any out of character lines are going to be very rare…oh and she has GREAT TITS 😉

Goto the video

In this FDS scene, driving instructor Ryan Ryder was to meet the new Fake Driving School examiner, and was surprised when Georgie Lyall got into the car. A former student of LFDS, things were little bit uncomfortable between them after their last driving experience together.

Apparently, Ryan had partied a bit too hard and not been up to the sexual performance she had wanted back her place.  Moving on, they decided to do a dummy driving lesson in the car, a little role play to introduce Georgie to her new job. Back at the test center, things were a little awkward to say the least, so to ease the tension, Georgie suggested they maintain their working relationship with some sex!

She gave Ryan a sloppy blowjob in the front seat, then continued to wank him as he sucked her big Scottish tits. Georgie bounced her ass up and down on Ryan’s cock until she was red in the face, then he came all over her pussy.