Is Working From Home Really Worth It?

As a freelance porn video editor I am blessed with being able to work from home.  But is working from home really worth it?

is working from home actually worth it

I have been working from home for over 7 years now.  It was struggle at first because I did not have an office space in the house.  I’m not embarrassed to admit that I actually ended up working under the stairs, just like Harry Potter.  I removed the under the stairs cupboard and made enough room for a small desk, and a chair.  It may not sound ideal, but to be honest, once I start editing, there was no real need for a big office.

I was still able to work on a 24inch iMac computer. I was actually able to use 2 iMac’s for a long length of time by mounting one on the wall.   It was the head room that was the only thing lacking.

Is Working From Home Really Worth It? Personal Blog

My full-time job before I started to work from home was in a very large open plan with approximately 15 other people.  So, I did miss the banter and seeing other faces all day.  It was very strange at first to go from a large open office environment to an ‘office’, under the stairs.

However, working from home enabled me to work to my own schedule.  As long as I was able to meet my deadlines, I could more or less choose my own hours.  BUT that does come with it’s downside.  I found myself continuously working.  If there was nothing on TV and the wife and kids were doing other things, then I found myself back on the iMac, editing more porn.

I’m trying to distinguish the difference between working from home as a self employed person or working from home for another as an employee.  I have realised by writing this person blog, that there is a difference.

Is Working From Home Really Worth It? Is it Easy?

I remember working from home as an employee of the local council.  Even though I was working from home, I found that I put myself under pressure by doing even more work.  I was so desperate to prove that working from home works for me, that I ended up working extra hours.

As a freelance XXX video editor, I now have an office space in my own home.  No longer under the stairs, I can actually stretch my legs and not bump my head every time I got in and out of my editing chair.

I’m not sure if I could go back to working 9 to 5 in an office.  I think it would take me a while to re-adjust to the constraints of office opening hours.  Being able to be my own master, is so much more comfortable for me.  Knowing that I have to create my own working schedule satisfies me immensely.

So, the question I asked myself in this blog was is working from home actually worth it?  For me I would say 100% yes.  It is great for my family, my social life and my working life.  But you do need to have a certain amount of will-power and drive.  The temptation of just thinking “I’ll go and play on the Xbox for an hour or so” is always there.

How To Become a Porn Video Editor

I have now lost count how many times I have been asked how to become a porn video editor.  Whether it’s via email, Twitter or Instagram message, I never get tired of answering any porn editing related questions.

how to become a porn video editor

But after getting an email on 29th November, 2018, I thought I would be better off creating a blog post about getting involved in porn editing.  This would save me time.  Instead of writing the same thing over and over, I can simply direct people to this blog and let them read all about it.

My short guide to How to Become a Porn Video Editor

First of all, I would highly recommend investing in a powerful computer and industry standard editing software.  I would guess that anybody sending you footage to edit will be filming on 4K. So trying to edit on an old P.C/laptop using Window Movie Maker will be a struggle.

But, having said that, if you have never edited before, then by all means experiment and learn the basics of video editing using your own content of free editing software.

Get yourself a showreel.  Once you are confident that you are an editor, you need to show people what you are capable of doing.  Being able to provide a link to a potential paying client is a must.

The slight problem is that if you are including porn in your showreel, you are not going to be able to use YouTube.  So you may want to set up an account with a popular porn tube site to host your video.  BUT, there’s always a but…if you have used copyright video in tour showreel, it might get deleted from a tube site.

How to Become a Porn Video Editor Using Social Media

So, you’ve got a showreel, you think you can edit, now you need some clients.  My journey into becoming a porn video editor started by creating a Twitter account that made it who I was.  has nearly 30,000 followers.  I think it was the best thing I could of done when I first started.

I used my Twitter account to look for FREE EDITING WORK.  Getting as much porn editing experience as possible was very important to me.  It also helped  to create a network of potential clients for the future.

One of my first non-paying customers was Sarah Peachez.  At first I thought someone was playing a joke on me.  I could not believe I was editing videos for a well established solo girl pornstar at this early stage in my career.  I will always be grateful to Miss Peachez for taking a leap of faith on me.

After 3/4 months of editing for free, I was contacted by one of the most influential guys in the porn industry.  His new porn production company were looking for porn video editors.

My biggest piece of luck, was that their office was actually in the same city that I lived in.  A complete fluke.  I worked part-time for approximately 6 months whilst still in full time employment on my “normal job”.  Then, when the time was right I became a full time porn video editor with the guys now known as

If you have any other questions about How to Become a Porn Video Editor, feel free to tweet me

Video Editing with 4K Videos on a Laptop

Recently I have been video editing with 4K videos on a laptop computer.  With todays camera’s and even mobile phones shooting in 4K, a lot of the content I edit is in this format.

Video Editing with 4K Videos

I am fortunate enough to have the option to use a laptop while editing porn videos.  It is a luxury that I use when I want to edit outdoors or traveling on a train.  However, my laptop is not as powerful as my desktop computer.  This means that trying to edit 4K video on a less powerful computer can cause a lot of lag.

Video Editing with 4K by converting to Proxy Files

I have found that Premiere Pro CC has a great feature to help video editors to work with large 4K video files.  Converting the 4K files to a lower resolution and editing those reduces (or removes) and lag whilst editing.

Yes, there is a bit of a wait whilst encoder converts the 4K video in proxy files, but the reward is worth the wait.  Basically you are editing proxy files, but when you export your final video, Premiere Pro still exports using the 4K files.  I have found this is a great way to do video editing with 4K raw footage.

I use this technique when I edit porn videos for SplatBukkake.  I need to scrub though their files first off all to find any off camera footage.  Trying to do that using 4k files on a laptop is very difficult as there is too much lag.  But converting them into 1080p proxy files is a great solution for anyone without a powerful desk top computer.

If you want to see a more in depth tutorial about this, watch on YouTube.

Just remember that you will need a bit of time for your 4K files to convert.  So I would recommend doing that over night.  So you wake up in the morning ready to edit!

Carly Rae Summers XXX Video Editor to the Rescue

So I was happily editing another Fake Taxi video when I had a Twitter message from Carly Rae Summers.  That felt very random and out of the blue.

She wanted my help blurring her mobile phone number and home address from a custom video.  She had forgotten that her personal phone number was displayed on the wall.

Of course I was only too happy to help her out.  Carly Rae sent me the video files via WeTransfer. 15 minutes later I sent her back two video with her phone number and home address blurred out.

Luckily for me the camera was static.  It was not moving around.  So I simply added two gaussian blurs to her custom video.  I was quickly able to export them at 1080p and send them back to her, again, using WeTransfer.

If I remember correctly, Carly Rae Summers was one of the very first British pornstars that I edited in a Fake Cop video from 2015.

Carly was also featured in a BBC 3 documentary about life as a pornstar.

Lakeside Lust with Sexy Student HD

Lakeside Lust with Sexy Student is the title of the latest Public Agent porn video released by  It stars Sanny Luke in this outdoor sex video.

He saw Sanny Luke walking in the woods in a pink dress, so he asked if he could join her since they were walking in the same direction.

Sanny was a student on her way to sunbathe nude, but she didn’t want to strip in front of me.

For 4000CZK, she flashed Public Agent her tits and round ass.  Then for 10000CZK total she gave him a blowjob. Turned on, she let him fuck her until he came all over her body.

I enjoyed editing this video for Public Agent.  There is always an element of risk for the performers.  This is real outdoor sex in public.

Georgie Lyall Video Editing Fake Driving School

It’s always an absolute pleasure when a Georgie Lyall edit arrives on my desk.  Miss Lyall is one of my favourite pornstars to edit.

In this Fake Driving School video, she is look her usual beautiful self.  Starring with fellow Scottish male porn actor, Ryan Ryder.

It is always great to edit a porn video when both performers are true professionals and know exactly what they are doing.

Ryan was to meet the new Fake Driving School examiner, and was surprised when Georgie Lyall got into the car.  A former student of LFDS, things were little bit uncomfortable between them after their last “experience” together.

Apparently, Ryan had partied a bit too hard and not been up to the “performance” she had wanted back at her place. Moving on, they decided to do a dummy session in the car, a little role play to introduce Georgie to her new job.

georgie lyall fake driving school

Back at the test center, things were a little awkward to say the least, so to ease the tension, Georgie suggested they maintain their working relationship with some sex!

She gave Ryan a sloppy blowjob in the front seat, then continued to wank him as he sucked her big tits. Georgie bounced her ass up and down on his cock until she was red in the face, then Ryan came all over her pussy.

Pornstars on Twitter that Tweet You Back

I use Twitter on a regular basis and I have realised that there are some pornstars on Twitter that tweet you back more than others.

Pornstars on Twitter

Most of the time pornstars will retweet videos, photos or articles that feature themselves in.  I think a retweet is like a ‘thank you’ in a way.  Just getting a ‘like’ is just not as fore-filling.

At the moment I have 26,567 followers on Twitter and I am fully aware that I have gained most of them from pornstars retweeting my tweets.  Up until 2016, as a porn video editor I got to see the latest scenes before most others.  So I was able to tweet behind the scenes photos.  But in the passed 2 years, that job is left to a social media manager.

But I am still able to tweet blog posts that feature some of today’s top British pornstars.  If I use a good quality photo and a good tagline then the pornstar that I have tagged in it will retweet it.

Most top pornstars have a thousands of followers.  So getting a retweet generates followers to my own account.  Over the last few years I have got to know which pornstars are likely to retweet a tweet from me.

A list of Pornstars on Twitter that Tweet You Back

I think Tina has retweeted nearly every single tweet that I have included her in.  She also retweets many other twitter users that show her work in the porn industry.

 Carmel Anderson.  I love Carmel.  She is one of my favourite British pornstars.  She is very good at interacting with her fans on Twitter.

 Madison Stuart usually retweets with a sexy little comment on any post that includes her big boobs.

 Probably responsible for 75% of my followers.  If you can tweet a witty photo or tagline with FakeTaxi content, he will usually retweet you….if it’s funny.

There are many other pornstars on twitter that will retweet or tweet you back.  BUT I have just looked through and realised it will take me too long to list them all.  I need to export my latest Fake Taxi edit from Premiere Pro. No time to blog anymore!

I can’t guarantee that you will get retweets back from these pornstars.  You can’t just tag pornstars and hope to get a response.  Make your tweets relevant and you never know who will respond.

Banana in her Arse Fake Taxi HD Video

Here’s that video of Kelly Myers with a banana in her arse.  Yes, I was the lucky porn video editor who go to edit it.  This Fake Taxi video was released on FakeHub on 23rd September, 2018.

It’s always such a relief to come up with a title for a porn video.  I have edited over 1000 porn video now and every time I have to come up with an original title.  It is getting harder and harder to think of a title that i haven’t used before.

I decided to name this Fake Taxi full HD video Anal stretching of the fruity kind.  Kelly Myers is a truly freaky pornstar.  If you are looking for a blonde pornstar that loves anal insertions, then Kelly Myers is the one for you.

Here’s the FULL Fake Taxi Banana in her Arse scene description.

A blonde lass named Kelly Myers flagged down the cab today and asked me to take her up to the sunbed shop. It was a hot day, so Kelly asked to stop to pick up a bottle of water on the way.

I had one and offered it to her, but hit a bump and ended up emptying it all over her white shirt! You could see her tits right through it, and she was proper angry. Not only did she demand the ride for free, but she told me she wouldn’t leave until her clothes were dry and stripped naked!

She had a hairy bush over her pussy which I love, and told me I could make it up to her by eating it. I got in the backseat and did just that, then stretched her arse enough to fit a banana in! She gave me a blowjob from the back and a rimjob, then I got to cum all over that lovely bush.

Porn Blog Article and Link Exchanges

If you are a porn blogger, then you may be interested in porn blog article and link exchanges.  In a world where SEO is king, it takes unique and quality blog posts to get your article noticed.

Porn Blog Article and Link Exchanges

As all good bloggers know, hand written, original blog articles are paramount to making your blog a success. Whether you are selling items or promoting porn sites, unique content is key to SEO domination.

Whether you’re a porn actor who has a blog as part of your web site or a porn site reviewer, I’ll be happy to write a blog article for you.  Or, I would be interested in adding a guest blog post from you on my site.

I’m also interested in exchanging hard links too.  I’ve always been a little wary of link exchanges.  Getting the right link exchange is very important.  Creating a link to the wrong kind of site can damage your search engine rankings.

If you are interested in writing a porn blog article for my site, or if you would like me to write an article for your porn site, then please free to or email me : [email protected]

Stacey Saran Fucking in the Taxi in Blue Underwear

British MILF with big tits Stacey Saran fucking in the back of the taxi wearing electric blue underwear.  This 8 minute FREE Female Fake Taxi video show off her hot body and fabulous boobs.

Here’s what Stacey Saran said about her latest fuck in the Taxi.

Ever since I fucked that old pervert John in the backseat of the Fake Taxi. He’s been letting me drive the cab around to pick up passengers of my own like Billy King.

Billy was headed to the clinic by the station, the one with the blue doors, and I knew just the place he was talking about, the sex addiction clinic! How did I know?

I had been there plenty of times myself, though my treatment wasn’t exactly going well.

It had been 60 days since Billy’s last fuck, but a horny blonde with big tits like me offering him a shag was too tempting to resist.

I admit I felt like a bad influence as I sucked his cock, but when I wanked him off onto my face he wasn’t complaining!

This video Stacey Saran fucking video was edited by XXX Video Editor