SexyHub Petite Blondes Talented Tongues

SexyHub Petite Blondes Talented Tongues stars European lesbian babes Cristal Caitlin and Dominic Anna.  It was produced for Lesbea and released on 4th November, 2018

Goodness me, SexyHub are really loving the European lesbians.  They always seen to find the right girls with the right chemistry.

SexyHub Petite Blondes Talented Tongues shows just how erotic the Euro babes are.  They perform such elegant lesbian sex acts in this HD girl on girl sex video.

Here’s the Full SexyHub Petite Blondes Talented Tongues description

Petite blonde babes Cristal Caitlin and Dominic Anna are in bed together and start to deeply kiss.

Holding hands and teasing each other, the ladies enjoy their sexy bodies, then Cristal takes off Dominic’s blue bodysuit and sucks her tits.

Dominic then strips her lover and puts her into doggystyle position so she can eat Cristal’s ass and pussy. Dominic then sits on Cristal’s face and rides it to orgasm!

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Homebody Hotties We Live Together HD

Lola Chanel and Valentina Jewels star in this We Live Together porn video called Homebody Hotties.  this HD lesbian porn video was released on 4th November, 2018.

RealityKings bring you an interracial lesbian porn video starring Lola Chanel and Valentina Jewels.  They perform some erotic lesbian sex acts in this We Live Together lesbian HD movie.

If you like seeing white girls licking black girl pussy, then you will love the lesbian 69 action.  These pornstars are oral sex experts.  They are able to make each other cum with slow and deliberate tongue action.

Here’s the full Homebody Hotties scene description

Busty roommates Lola Chanel and Valentina Jewels aren’t the kind of party girls who are out at the club every night. They’d much rather stay in and cuddle on the couch, or even have a pillow fight!

These besties-with-benefits flirt and get naughty all the way to the bedroom, kissing each other and rubbing their big tits together. Ebony cutie Lola pushes her BFF onto the bed and twerks her big booty over her.  Then gives her the pussy-eating she’s been craving.

These hotties oil each other up and slide their slick clits against each other, then taste their wet juices in a 69. They’re going to be staying in bed a lot more often!

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Towel Girl 2 featuring Nicolette Shea in HD

Nicolette Shea star with Romi Rain and Alex De La Flor in this lesbian threesome called Towel Girl 2.  It was produced by RealityKings and released on 31st October, 2018.

She’s back guys…Nicolette Shea is in yet another RealityKings HD porn video. We all love Nicolette Shea and her big fake tits.  She gets totally naked in an all girl threesome.  This time it’s for Towel Girl 2.  Alex De La Flor is an innocent towel girl who catches Miss Shea and Romi Rain licking each others wet pussies, in the sauna.

When they catch her peeping on their lesbian sex session, they invite her in for a feel of their MILF bodies.  Alex is very nervous about having her pussy licked by two women at the same time.  But she soon relaxes as she can feel their expert tongue action flicking over her throbbing clit.

Watch Nicolette Shea and Romin Rain dominate Alex De La Flor in this hot sauna lesbian threesome.

Here’s the full Towel Girl 2 scene description.

Hot lesbians Nicolette Shea and Romi Rain have been waiting for the chance to spend some quality time together one-on-one, so when they have the sauna to themselves at the spa, it’s the perfect opportunity.

These slutty MILFs oil each other up and rub their huge tits together, then start eating each other’s pussies. That’s when towel girl, Alex De La Flor, catches a glimpse of them through the door.  She starts getting as hot as a sauna watching the nasty show.

When Alex gets caught peeking by the hot cougars, they pull the sweet teen inside to join them, licking her pussy and ass and making her the center of their horny babe sandwich!

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Dorm Room Domme Brazzers HD Movie

Dorm Room Domme is a sexy lesbian porn movie from Brazzers.  It was produced for the lesbian porn site Hot and Mean.  This girl on girl porn movie was released on November 4th, 2018.

Jenna Sativa and Daisy Marie star in this sexual lesbian romp called Dorm Room Domme.  These two amazingly hot babes get totally naked for this latest Brazzers HD porn movie.

Jenna Sativa is making her 10th appearance for Brazzers.  As for Daisy Marie, this is her 5th casting, her first since 2009.  So it’s great to see hot brunette Miss Marie returning to Brazzers after nearly a 10 year absence.

Here’s the FULL Dorm Room Domme description written by Brazzers

Innocent Jenna Sativa is a long way from her small Nebraskan town.  She meets her new college roommate, the wild and rowdy Daisy Marie.

They get off to a rocky start when Jenna gets caught peeking at Daisy’s voluptuous body while she changes, and Daisy mocks the small town girl for not minding her manners.

Once Daisy leaves their dorm room, Jenna discovers that her new roommate has a suitcase full of dildos and sex toys!

Daisy walks in on Jenna going through her stuff.  Daisy makes her show off what she’s hiding under her Sunday dress and introduces her to a world of sexual pleasures she’s never even dreamed of!

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MOFOS Cuddling Coochies HD Full Links

MOFOS Cuddling Coochies is a lesbian porn video that stars Bailey Brooke, Xeena Mae.  It was released for Girl Gone Pink on 29th October, 2018.

Bailey Brooke stars in her 11th MOFOS porn video.  She is joined by Xeena Mae who is only making her 2nd appearance.  It is a Girls Gone Pink lesbian porn video.

Here’s the full MOFOS Cuddling Coochies scene description.

When Xeena crashes at Bailey’s house, she’s left on the old, bumpy-ass couch in the living room. Unable to sleep she wonders if Bailey would let her join in on the comfy bed? They’re just friends, no big deal, happens all the time… Right?

IN a small bed, it’s inevitable that these two ladies start touching… Xeena takes the initiative and asks Bailey for some guidance – she’s never been with a girl before. And what better way to experience that than with a close, open-minded friend?

Soon these two beauties are kissing, running their hands over each other’s bodies, and giggling out any last-minute nerves. But that quickly disappears in moments of licking and grinding, tongues traveling over nipples, lips, and thighs… Friends are always there when you need them!

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Flick And Lick HD RealityKings Lesbian Video

Alina Lopez and Kitty Carrera star in this brand new lesbian porn video called Flick And Lick .  Produced for We Live Together and released on October 21st, 2018.

The day after a crazy night out, besties Alina Lopez and Kitty Carrera decide to spend the evening on the couch with some hot salty popcorn and a sexy movie.

In Flick And Lick HD, these BFFs can’t help running their hands all over each other’s popping booties. As they’re popping the corn, then they nibble their salty snack off each other’s bodies.

Watching the hot lesbian sex scene on screen inspires them to say “Action!” and try out some real-life lesbian fucking of their own. Alina is the first to taste pussy, licking and sucking Kitty’s clit hard and telling her to sit on her face.  All the better for Kitty to lean down and make her friend cum in a hot 69.

They try out tribbing before Kitty eats Alina’s pussy from the back and makes her cum a few more times.  Then Alina rides Kitty’s snatch till they’re both satisfied.

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Mate Training HD RealityKings Video

Asuna Fox and Diamond Foxx star in Mate Training from RealityKings.  This hot new video for Moms Lick Teens was released on 18th October, 2018.

Top rated MILF Diamond Foxxx returns to RealityKings for her 16th appearance.  She is joined by teen babe Asuna Fox who is starring in her very first RealityKings video.

This lesbian young on old porn video is set in a gym.  Two hot pornstars working out together.  They both have very sexy bodies and they love to get sweaty.

Here’s the full Mate Training scene description

When there’s two foxes in the house, they’re sure to go wild! Teen Asuna Fox’s new stepmom Diamond Foxxx has been trying to control every aspect of her life, even forcing her to work out her perky petite teen body, but Asuna doesn’t realize she’s just getting started.

The bossy MILF pins her stepdaughter to the mat and plays with her small tits, then bares her own big fake boobs and tells Asuna it’s her turn.

Diamond sits on the cute teen’s face to teach her how to eat pussy before they 69, and she shows Asuna that she knows best when it comes to making her orgasm as she rubs her pussy against the teen’s tight snatch!

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Brazzers Yoga Brings You Closer HD

River Fox and Xandra Sixx star in Brazzers Yoga Brings You Closer HD lesbian video.  This Hot and Mean video was released on October 20th, 2018.

River Fox and Xandra Sixx make their Brazzers debut together in this sexy lesbian yoga video from Brazzers.

I’m a big fan of these yoga themed porn videos.  I think its the vibrant colours of the lycra outfits that the female performers wear.

River is a wannabe yoga-pro eager to learn from the daring and devious yoga pro Xandra. Xandra gives River some lessons in hot girl-on-girl sex as she helps her stretch it out and put her pussy to work.

Brazzers Yoga Brings You Closer 01Photo 1 : Brazzers Yoga Brings You Closer

Here we can see Xandra Sixx sitting behind River Foxx.  She has her hand over River’s pussy trying to get under her tight pink leotard.

River looks like she is about to cum already.  Xandra also has the top of River’s leotard in her mouth. I think she wants to rip it off with her teeth.  River’s legs are wide open.  She is definitely ready for lesbian sex at this point.

Brazzers Yoga Brings You Closer 02Photo 2 : Brazzers Yoga Brings You Closer

Here River and Xander are now both totally naked.  The tight fitted leotards have come off.

River has her face buried inside Xander’s pussy and eating her out.  Xander is bent over double so River can get her tongue as deep as possible.The hot blonde Xander Sixx’s face shows you just how much she is enjoying having her pussy licked.

Brazzers Yoga Brings You Closer 03Photo 3 : Brazzers Yoga Brings You Closer

Now these to Brazzers debutants are in a lesbian 69 position.  River is on top gently licking Xandra’s clit.  Xander looks like she is away on a different planet.

She is concentrating very hard on trying to make River Fox cum.  She would love to have this hot brunette have an orgasm on her face.

Brazzers Yoga Brings You Closer 04Photo 4 : Brazzers Yoga Brings You Closer

Xander Sixx is very flexible.  As you can see in this lesbian oral sex photo.  She is bent over backward on all fours while River Fox gleefully licks her clit.

This is probably the best example of lesbian yoga sex you will find on the internet at the moment.  These to beauties really look fantastic in skin tight leotards, as they do when they are totally naked.

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SexyHub HD Video Starring British Blonde Amber Deen

Hot blonde Amber Deen stars in the SexyHub HD video called Teen eager to please blonde MILF.  It was released for MOM XXX on October 11th, 2018.

Amber Deen gets her pussy licked by a hot Russian teen called Arteya.

Hot blonde MILF Amber Deen is playing with Russian babe Arteya’s hair, then turns her around and kisses her deeply.

The girls make out, and Amber takes off Arteya’s shirt, then sucks her perky tits. Amber slides a hand between her lesbian lover’s thighs and plays with her pussy, then Arteya enthusiastically returns the favour.

After some sexy 69 and terrific tribbing, both ladies cum hard!

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An Alarming Affair Brazzers HD Richelle Ryan

Richelle Ryan stars in this new Brazzers HD video called An Alarming Affair.  Miss Ryan gets her pussy fucked by Scott Nails.  Released for Real Wife Stories on October 18th, 2018.

Miss Richelle Ryan stars in her 26th Brazzers porn video.  This top rated MILF pornstar leaves her stiletto heels on has her pussy gets eaten.  With her legs wide open, Scott Nails makes the most of licking out her pussy.

Here the Full Brazzers An Alarming Affair Description

When Richelle Ryan’s jealous husband gives Scott Nails a hard time while he installs their new home security system.  She takes it upon herself to make sure Scott knows his hard work is appreciated.

Scott can’t believe his eyes as he watches Richelle put her on display for him with a private security cam strip tease.

Once naked, Richelle asks that he join her for a bathroom suck and fuck, before he cums all over her juicy lips.

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