Tracy Lindsay Lesbian Video with a Bride To Be

Tracy Lindsay Lesbian Video with a Bride To Be.  The bride is called Zuzana who is a hot Czech model.  Zuzana has become aware of her lesbian feelings.

Zuzana sits alone in the bathroom on her wedding day, this wasn’t how she planned it. Although she hadn’t planed it at all. Zuzana has just gone with the flow, like so many young couples she has found herself about to be married because it is the socially accepted next step, because her parents want her to, because she can’t have kids until she is.

But Zuzana has long kept a secret from her family and friends, that her husband can never get close to the love she feels for her best friend. Tracy, the girl she has always run to when things have gone wrong to seek comfort in her arms.  The girl who has always been there for her with kindness and affection no matter what the situation.

This is the person she loves, and this is the person she would marry if she could. Yet again Tracy is there for her in her loneliest moment ready to comfort her.  But little does she know that this time she can do more.

in this Tracy Lindsay lesbian video, Zuzana’s affections for Tracy have always been reciprocated.  But Tracy was convinced she could never act upon these.  Zuzana being engaged, but today their world is turned on it’s head as Zuzana reveals herself and they finally make love.