Reality Kings Park Bench Starring Jaye Summers

Reality Kings Park Bench Starring Jaye Summers is the new porn video released on the Sneaky Sex porn site.  Released on December 15th, 2018.

Jaye Summers stars with Duncan Saint in her 17th Reality Kings Porn video.  Her first appearance was back in April 2015.  This is her in a Sneaky Sex video she gets fucked outside.

Miss Summers and Duncan Saint fuck each other while her dad is cooking hot dogs on the barbecue.  That’s why this is a Sneak Sex video.  Jaye Summers sucks on Duncans cock just a few yards away from where her Dad is cooking. (written by XXX Video Editor)

Here’s the full Park Bench description from Reality Kings

It’s a gorgeous day for a cookout, and with Jaye Summers’s dad distracted as he grills the hot dogs, Jaye gets to concentrate on her boyfriend, Duncan Saint’s, delicious sausage!

Jaye sucks her man’s big meat and even slips it into a bun as she nibbles on it. When the coast is clear Jaye rides Duncan’s cock, and he moans, “That pussy’s the perfect bun for my sausage.”

They have to run for it and hide in a tree when Jaye’s dad comes back outside, but Duncan fucks her doggystyle high off the ground, and they head back to the patio where he cums in her mouth!

Under the Table 2 Sneaky Sex HD

This new Reality Kings porn video called Under the Table 2 stars Jill Kassidy and Jmac.  It was released for Sneaky Sex on December 8th, 2018.

Jill Kassidy returns to the Reality Kings studios for her 6th porn video.  She stars along side JMac who gets to fuck her tight sweet pussy.

Miss Kassidy plays with Jmac’s big cock at the table while her boyfriend is busy cooking dinner.  This is a blunt Sneaky Sex video.  It’s just a cheating girlfriend getting her pussy fucked while her BF is in the same room.

Will she get caught with Jmac’s cock in her pussy?  In Under the Table 2, Jill Kassidy is wearing a red jumper and a sexy white see-through skirt.  She looks very fuckable.

Here’s the official Reality Kings Under the Table 2 scene description.

Good girl Jill Kassidy is trying to help football star, Jmac, study, but he’s having trouble concentrating on the books. Jill discovers that instead of taking notes, Jmac’s been sketching dirty pictures, and she’s intrigued.

Jill starts sucking Jmac’s huge cock in her kitchen, and before long she’s letting the sexy star quarterback fuck her behind her boyfriend’s back. She loves that this athlete is big and strong enough to give her a real pounding, even picking her up for a stand-and-carry!

Jmac may not have written a word of the assignment, but he signs his name on Jill’s face in his cum!

Another Study Break Latest HD Reality Kings

Another Study Break is the latest porn video from Reality Kings.  Avery Moon and Damon Rice both star in this Sneaky Sex hardcore HD porn video.

Avery Moon is a hot teen pornstar starring in her 1st ever Reality Kings porn video.  For her first appearance for Sneaky Sex she gets to fuck Damon Rice.

Here’s the Another Study Break porn scene description

Studious teen Avery Moon is hitting the books when her stepbrother, Damon Dice, gets home from soccer practice. But how can Avery concentrate on studying when she knows her hot stepbro is getting naked in the shower right down the hall?

She sneaks in for a peek and is surprised to find Damon jacking his big cock while choking himself with a sock! Avery offers to lend a hand and tells him she likes to be choked too, especially with a big dick.

Damon makes his stepsis promise not to tell anyone before she gives him a sloppy blowjob, but she can’t keep quiet about how much she loves his cock in her tight, little pussy. Damon likes fucking his stepsis so much he cums all over her face!

Sneaky Sex Fooled By The Pool HD

Sneaky Sex Fooled by the Pool stars teen brunette Ariana Marie and male pornstar Tyler Steel.  Produced by Reality Kings, released 29th, November, 2018.

In Sneaky Sex Fooled By The Pool you will see the hot Ariana Marie sun bathing in a tiny pink bikini.  Her tight teen body glistens in the sun as she relaxes by the pool.

Tyler Steel is trying to get into hot, young, brunette Ariana Marie’s pants, but she explains that her dad is home and will catch them. With her dad interrupting all the time, Tyler has to get creative if he’s going to bang Ariana’s sweet, tight pussy!

Hiding in the pool and eating Ariana out in her sexy bikini. Eating her big ass from behind while her dad is trying to lecture her. Tyler starts banging Ariana’s juicy pussy while hiding under her bed.

When the two finally do get caught, it’s too late. Ariana’s dad can’t miss that huge, sticky load all over Ariana’s face, mouth, and titties!

Sneaky Sex HD porn video called Going Down

Autumn Falls and Sean Lawless star in this Sneaky Sex HD porn video called Going Down.  Produced by Reality Kings, released on 17th November, 2018.

Beautiful Autumn Falls stars with Sean Lawless in her very first Reality Kings porn video.  Working on a Sneaky Sex HD porn video, Miss Falls has sex in an elevator with a guy in business suit.

Autumn Falls lets Sean Lawless feel her big tits and finger her pussy.  Her big tits are readily available as she is not wearing a bra underneath her sexy black dress.

Here’s the full Sneaky Sex HD porn video called Going Down description

Sean Lawless is late for work again, and just his luck, his boss catches him in the elevator and starts berating Sean in front of his super hot Latina girlfriend, Autumn Falls.

Autumn tells her boyfriend he should stop being such a dick to his employees or she’ll cheat on him…and when she sees the outline of Sean’s massive cock straining against his pants, that goes from idle threat to pure promise!

Autumn flashes Sean her ass and soon he’s playing with her big tits right under her boyfriend’s nose. When she gets stuck in the elevator doors, Sean licks her pussy and fucks her doggystyle while his boss stands right outside!

Luckily, Autumn gets free so she can ride him cowgirl, then sucks his cock till he cums on her face!

Reality Kings Knock Knock HD Porn Video

Izzy Lush and Sean Lawless star in Reality Kings Knock Knock.  This HD porn video was produced for Sneaky Sex, on 14th November, 2018.

Izzy Lush stars in her very first Reality Kings porn video.  Here’s what the guys at Reality Kings have to say about this Colombian beauty.

Colombian beauty Izzy Lush lives by the maxim, “Be unapologetic when it comes to your dreams.” This all-natural Latina’s dreams include fucking every single sexy guy or gal who crosses her path, and she has absolutely nothing to apologize for!

Izzy is an adventurous soul who’s traveled the world, studying abroad in Barcelona before coming to the US, where she first decided to give the adult film biz a try.

She didn’t let shyness or the fear of what others would say stop her from realizing her dream of porn stardom!

Izzy says she’s super sexual and loves being watched. “I was like, ‘What the hell, it’s my perfect job!'”

Here’s the full Reality Kings Knock Knock Description

When Izzy Lush hears that her sister’s boyfriend, Sean Lawless, has bought a rather risque anniversary gift, she wants to stay close to see her sis’s reaction!

Sean’s girlfriend isn’t pleased with the handcuffs. Restraints, and assorted bondage gear he bought to spice up their sex life, but Izzy sure is!

After her sister stalks out of the room, Izzy tells Sean she wants to give it a try. Izzy sucks his cock and then ties herself up naked in the bedroom as a present for him.

Sean fucks her doggystyle and Izzy rides his big cock before taking his huge load on her face…before Sean’s girlfriend catches them!

Reality Kings HD Let Her Rest Lola Chanel

Reality Kings HD Let Her Rest stars hot ebony babe Lola Chanel. This Sneaky Sex video was released on November 10th, 2018 also starring Charles Dera.

Charles Dera is in need of emptying his balls.  He can usually rely on his girlfriend to drain his cock, but today she is too tired for sex.

Charles is left with a huge hard-on.  Luckily his girlfriend best friend is on hand to ride his cock.  Lola Chanel immediately spots Charles’ erection.  She just needs one touch to be lured into bed with him.

Here’s the full Reality Kings HD Let Her Rest description

Charles Dera wants to fuck, but his girlfriend wants some peace and quiet. Charles tries to surf some channels and take his mind off his boner. Until his girlfriend’s smoking hot BFF Lola Chanel knocks on the door!

Lola wants to borrow some clothes for an evening out. But when she hears her bestie’s in a bad mood, she decides rather than disturb her.  She’ll wear out Charles’s cock instead.

Charles’s dick game is too damn good for Lola to stay quiet as she takes every inch of his huge cock. But he can shut her up by filling up her mouth instead of her pussy!

Charles’s girlfriend is none the wiser even when he cums all over Lola’s face right under her nose…until she finds the video!

You Snooze You Lose Too HD Reality Kings

Emily Blacc and Zachary Wild star in Reality Kings HD You Snooze You Lose Too.  It was produced for Sneak Sex and released on November 8th, 2018.

Hot ginger MILF Emily Blacc makes her Reality Kings debut. In this hot mom sneak sex video called You snooze You Lose Too.  She gets her pussy fucked by Zachary Wild.  She is fucking her daughters boyfriend in the kitchen.

Here’s the full You snooze You Lose Too description

Zachary Wild’s girlfriend wants to watch her fave rom-com again, so he’s resigned to a quiet night on the couch, until her bad-girl roommate Emily Blacc gets home!

Emily doesn’t plan to hang around long, but when her boyfriend cancels on her, she needs some replacement dick, and Zachary’s ready and waiting. She invites him to follow her to the kitchen for a snack, then squirts spray cheese all over her tits!

Zachary hungrily licks it off before eating her pussy for dinner. These dirty cheaters fuck doggystyle right under Zac’s girlfriend’s nose, then head upstairs where they can really go wild.

Not even getting caught by Zac’s girlfriend will stop Emily from riding that dick hard and sucking up all his cum!

Breaking Entering And Inserting Kimmy Granger

RealityKings HD Breaking Entering And Inserting stars Kimmy Granger and Xander Corvus.  It was produced for Sneaky Sex, released on November 4th, 2018.

Popular pornstar Kimmy Granger appears in her 10th RealityKings porn video.  She gets her tight snatch fucked by Xander Corvus.

This porn scene is filmed for Sneaky Sex.  Kimmy gets fucked in the kitchen worktop.  What Kimmy does not realise is that she is being fucked in the wrong house.  She does not know that Xander has broken in to the house to pretend that it’s his own house.

Here’s the full Breaking Entering And Inserting description

When Xander Corvus tells his buddy to come see his new place, it turns out Xander was stretching the truth about it being “his.”

It seems like a spot of breaking and entering is the ultimate aphrodisiac for Xander, who can’t keep his hands off his girlfriend, Kimmy Granger.  Or his tongue out of her asshole! He fucks her face and then bends her over the pool table.

When the homeowner gets home unexpectedly, instead of running, they decide to hide…and keep fucking, of course!

They lock themselves in the bedroom as Kimmy rides Xander’s cock and doesn’t even try to be quiet. Xander busts a huge nut all over Kimmy’s ass right before the homeowner busts in!

RealityKings HD Porn Should Have Known Better

Should Have Known Better is a RealityKings HD porn video starring Robby Echo and Macy Marx.  This porn video produced for Sneaky Sex was released on 6th October, 2018.

Naughty, blonde housewife, Macy Marx, doesn’t have much time with her secret lover Robby Echo. So she doesn’t waste one second getting him naked.

But it turns out she had even less time than she thought. As Robby eats her pussy, her husband gets home! Robby gathers up his clothes and hides, but although he’s trapped in the closet, he has some company!

Telling her hubby she’s going to put on something sexy, Macy slips into the closet and starts sucking Robby’s cock, then rides him until her man starts getting suspicious.

There’s still time to take Robby’s load on her face, but Macy’s husband can’t help noticing something’s up when Robby runs past him, still buck naked!