Sahara Knite Public Agent HD XXX Video

Sahara Knite Public Agent HD XXX Video.  I really enjoy editing Sahara Knite porn videos. I love her accent and her positive energy she puts out in her videos.

When Public Agent saw Sahara Knite walking down the street near his place in Prague, he knew she wasn’t from around here.

She told him she was from England and visiting friends on holiday, and if there’s one thing girls on holiday love it’s a bit of extra cash! Sahara turned down his first offer of 200 Euro to show her boobs.  But for 300 she pulled up her top and let him touch them!

In this Sahara Knite Public Agent HD XXX Video, Public Agent took her to a spot where he knew they wouldn’t be disturbed so she could suck his cock.  Sahara Knite let him put his dick in her tight pussy!

Sahara really loved riding his cock, and she was eager for his jizz in her mouth.  This was a great fuck outdoors.  It was worth every penny he had.

This Public Agent porn video was edited by XXX Video Editor.  .  The original scene description was written by FakeHub and amended to suit third person narrative.

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FakeTaxi Wild Blonde Treats Him Rough HD

Lindsey Cruz stars in this FakeTaxi Wild Blonde Treats Him Rough HD video.  It was released on FakeHub on 14th October, 2018.

I remember being blown away when I was editing this FakeTaxi video.  Lindsey Crus is one crazy pornstar.  She love being in control.  This one of the first FakeTaxi video that I have edited that have featured Miss Cruz.

One this you will learn about Lindsey, is that she loves to squirt.  She is obsessed with it.  She will squirt as much as humanly possible. In this latest FakeTaxi video, she nearly drowns our famous perverted London taxi driver!

Here’s the FULL FakeTaxi Wild Blonde Treats Him Rough Description

I was driving along when I saw Lindsey Cruz again. Parker wasn’t with her, which was interesting. Apparently, she couldn’t stop thinking about sucking my cock and wanted more.

She was very eager to get her pussy eaten, and bossed me around. I loved it! She took a piss on my face, then I made her squirt.

I face fucked her to return the favor, then fucked her all over the cab and made her squirt again. After fucking her doggystyle, I came in her with the creampie.

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Public Agent Kizzy Sixx HD 2018

This Public Agent Kizzy Sixx HD as seen in 2018.  I had the pleasure of being the porn editor who edited this video.  I was released on FakeHub on September 4th, 2018.

Here’s what the Public Agent had to say about having outdoor sex with Kizzy Sixx

I saw Kizzy Sixx walking home in a field and she was a pretty woman, so I stopped her and asked if I could ask her a few questions.

Kizzy told me she studied massage and fitness, but was looking for a summer job. Considering she hadn’t found any work, I offered her 2000 CZK to show me her small boobs. That amount was not enough for her, but for 6000 she flashed me.

I offered her another 6000 to suck my dick and she couldn’t resist the money. Kizzy gave me a horny blowjob, then for 10000 more she agreed to fuck me.

Kizzy turned around and took down her shorts, and I found she had a beautiful bum! I took down her panties and fucked her doggystyle, then she rode my cock cowgirl.

After some more doggystyle in the woods, I pulled out and came on her ass!

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My YouTube Channel Got Taken Down

My YouTube Channel Got Taken Down after receiving three violation strikes.  To be honest I was half expecting it.  I didn’t think that my content is what YouTube is really designed for.

My YouTube Channel Got Taken Down

Talking about pornography on YouTube was always going to be like walking a tight-rope.  I had to try really hard to avoid crossing the line of YouTubes terms and conditions.

But on 19th August 2018, one of my videos had been reported and reviewed and my YouTube channel got taken down.  I’m positive that there is no nudity, no nipples on show.  But there must of been something wrong with a video that was labelled by myself and ‘age-resticted’.

Even if my channel was never removed, and I gained the 4000 subscribers required to monetise the channel, I pretty sure they would not allow ads on the channel.  Even if I met all the other requirements needed to monetise the channel, it would still need to be reviewed.  It would of been at that stage when I would of been gutted to find that it would not be monetised.

So what now?  Do I set up a new channel and try even harder not to violate YouTubes rules?  Or do I just upload my porn vlogs to PornHub.  I will be able to say more or less what I want on PornHub.

I’ve uploaded all my old YouTube vlogs to my , just to see if they get any response.  I’m not expected them to be a success on PornHub.  People go to PornHub to see porn videos, not a vlogger.

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Sahara Knite Takes a Piss Before Fucking Taxi Driver

Editing this Fake Taxi video featuring Sahara Knite was pure enjoyment from start to finish.  Her funny one liners and sexy body in tight fitting gym gear, made this British Fake Taxi video a blast to edit.

Sahara Knite FakeTaxi 2018

Sahara Knite jumps on to the back of John’s cab after her workout.  She complains to him that her fitness instructor didn’t really push her hard enough.  She explains that she could go another 30 minutes at least.

She over hears the taxi driver muttering that she could go 30 minutes on his cock if he liked.  When she confronted him about that comment, he was very happy to hear that she was more than happy to get a full cock workout in the back of his London cab.

Before Sahara Knite could start sucking the drivers big white cock, she had to take a piss.  She had no choice but to squat down next the the taxi and piss on the floor.  She actually liked the fact that the horny taxi driver watch her piss all over the floor.  She though she was never going to stop.  All the water that she had drank in the gym just flooded out of her.

I think the line “I like hairy armpits, hairy pussy and hairy arseholes”, will go down in FakeTaxi history.

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